How to Speed Up Your Metabolism


Firstly… as mentioned our metabolism is somewhat measured by how much muscle we have, generally if you have more muscle mass you will have a faster metabolism. Muscle also burns more calories than fat! So, a good first step would be to start a weight-training program. An intense weight training session can burn far more calories, and obviously engage many more muscles than what you would train if you were opting for a cardio workout only.


Try planning 5-6 meals per day, little and often. When bodybuilders commence a competition, diet is the first thing that changes. Its been known that the top bodybuilders can eat up to 7- 8 times per day… every 2-3 hours depending where the are in their diet plan. You should never let yourself feel hungry, and eating every few hours will prevent this. Be mindful that if you do start eating like this you must exercise portion control with your food. Weighing out food will prevent any mistakes. However you don’t have to be this strict about it. But keep in mind that portions should be small.


Eat breakfast! This is a sure fire way to kick-start your metabolism! You should take on the majority of your carbohydrates during this meal, due to being starved throughout the night. Add in some protein as well to replenish the muscles. Breakfast should be one your biggest meals of the day but so many people miss it. Make sure you eat breakfast!


Eat more protein, it contributes to building muscle and will also help you feel full without adding many calories – which is a feeling that many people dislike about ‘diets’, that they never feel full! Additionally it actually helps the body release stored fat which can be used as energy!


Try and take some time out to relax… increased stress levels give rise to cortisol, and too much of this hormone can slow down your metabolism. Stress can also cause cravings, and you might find yourself wanting to eat fatty and sugary foods.


Ensure you’re getting adequate sleep each night; sleep helps our bodies repair and grow. Some theory suggests that if you continually go without enough sleep your ability to process carbohydrates is lowered; your body will also struggle with the ability to function properly during the day meaning that it could struggle to burn calories if you’re trying to follow a diet. Try and get 6-8 hours of good quality sleep everyday!

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