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Build multiple muscle groups at once.


When it comes to training and sculpting the body the task must be done with precision and care. There’s a reason why we have training splits after all. For the most part when it comes to training specific body parts each is given it’s own attention separate from the others. It’s a classic bodybuilding principle that allows an individual to focus entirely on growing a specific muscle group. But this wasn’t always the case. Many classic bodybuilders used to perform total body movements to build muscle in multiple groups.


Some bodybuilders give less emphasis to athletic performance. Split training can get muscles to respond fast, but it can also put a tremendous amount of stress on the body as well. For instance, performing the bent over barbell row can put a ton of stress on the shoulder joints and can eventually lead to rotator cuff issues. By performing movements that utilize more than one muscle group it allows for less stress on the joints and can also provide balanced strength throughout the body.


Jeff Cavaliere of ATHLEAN-X fame is a strength and conditioning coach who puts a constant emphasis on blending athletic and bodybuilding movements to not only chisel the body, but also turn individuals into better overall athletes. While some may criticize some of his principles, Cavaliere’s credentials speak volumes. Results are results and many of his clients have performed phenomenally under his tutelage.


In one of his recent videos he shows how an individual can build up not only their shoulders, but the chest as well. The shoulders and chest are two key muscle groups that fill out the upper body and make everything symmetrical. Check out the video below for a great chest and shoulders routine.



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