Get A Big Back & Biceps With Compound Sets


Back and biceps, two of the most noticeable and sought after muscle groups in bodybuilding. Everyone wants that “V” shaped back, to go with huge biceps, popping out of your shirt. Most don’t have them, and never will because they don’t know how to train them correctly. will demonstrate how to stimulate your back and biceps, and make them huge.

To build huge, rock hard muscles, you need to effectively stimulate them during your workout. If walking into the gym, and doing a few bent over rows, and a couple of biceps curls resulted in muscle stimulation and growth, we’d all look like Arnold. Unfortunately, it requires more than this. The muscles need to be stimulated from a variety of different angles. This means a variety of exercises, and this is what compound setting encompasses.
Many people use super sets to maximise the amount of body parts that they can train during a workout session (super setting is the pairing up of two exercises or more that work opposing muscle groups). Compound setting is pairing two or more exercises that target the same muscle groups.
Compound setting uses extremely similar principles to super setting. The only difference is that the muscles targeted in the second exercise, are the same as the first. This allows you to hit your muscles from two different angles, rapidly, allowing for great muscle stimulation. This will further fatigue the muscle, not only allowing you to grow more, but allowing for more exercises to be completed, in a much shorter period of time.
Compound setting means that you’re going to be doing more sets on your muscle group(s). This will rapidly increase your muscular endurance. Compound setting will target both muscle fibres, thoroughly fatiguing the muscle, providing maximum opportunity for growth.
You must begin by choosing exercises that compliment each other. An example for the back could be a lat pulldown movement, immediately followed up by reverse flyes. This will stimulate and work your back from two different angles, rapidly. In these two movements, you’ll be targeting the entirety of your back, and your biceps too. You could try for example, 10 reps on the lat pull down, immediately followed by 10 reverse flyes. Next, you could up the weight, pushing yourself to 8 reps on the lat pull down, followed by a further 10 reps of reverse flyes, with no break taken between the lat pull down, and reverse flyes. Do this for four sets, and then move to your next exercise. By the time you have completed the four sets, your back will be hugely fatigued, and pumped up.
Compound setting could then be used to hit the biceps hard. EZ or straight bar curls, immediately followed up by dumbbell or incline curls will totally fatigue your biceps, forcing them to grow.


Hyper Extensions 4 sets X 10 reps X lbs ?
Bent Over Rows 4 sets X 10 reps X lbs?

Finish both exercises together, rest only 30 – 90 secs and move to the next set… try your best not to drop weight each set. Complete all 4 sets and move to the next set.

Seated Row 4 sets X 10 reps X lbs?
Dumbbell Pullovers 4 sets X 10 reps X lbs?

Burnout set to be done right after the last bicep set… 25 pull-ups


Hammer Curls 4 sets X10 sets Xlbs?.
Reverse Curls 4 sets X10sets Xlbs?
30 secs between sets

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