Fight Cellulite and Win

Fight Cellulite and Win


Written by Thomas Fahey, EdD Tuesday, 20 March 2012 02:00


Most women are bombarded with e-mail spam that tries to sell them creams, therapies or surgical procedures that promise to rid them of cellulite. While some of them work temporarily, none are as effective as exercise and diet. A healthy lifestyle improves metabolic control that helps prevent cellulite buildup and improves the way the body processes and stores fat.

The best approach for losing weight and fighting cellulite is to combine aerobic and resistive exercise. Scientists from Brigham Young University, led by Micah Drummond, found that metabolism was elevated most when people lifted weights after running on a treadmill. So, program structure is an important consideration in losing weight and fighting cellulite.

Diet and exercise are your first lines of defense against cellulite. Other techniques such as retinoid creams, liposuction, laser therapy and surgical correction will bring results, but you won’t get the body you want without significant lifestyle changes.

In addition to consuming a reduced-calorie Mediterranean diet, the anti-cellulite program involves:

Aerobics (5 days per week)

Do aerobic exercise for 60-90 minutes, five times a week. Weight-bearing exercises such as running, power walking, treadmill running and elliptical training are best for losing weight. Start with 5-10 minutes of exercise and build up until you can exercise continuously for 60-90 minutes without stopping. Also, increase the intensity of exercise until you can train at 70 percent of maximum effort during your workout. You will burn at least 700 calories during each aerobic workout and help tip your metabolism toward fat loss.

It’s possible to metabolize almost 1/3 pound of fat every time you run, ride a bike, or exercise on an elliptical trainer. Doing plenty of aerobic exercise is a key element to fighting cellulite.


Interval Training (2 days per week)

Do interval training first when combining intervals and aerobics on the same day. Interval training includes intense exercise such as sprinting or power walking, interrupted by periods of rest or light exercise. Interval training will speed up your metabolism so that you continue to burn calories at a higher level 24 to 48 hours after the workout is over. Long-term weight control studies show that people who train intensely lose more weight than those who exercise slowly. Run, power walk or exercise on a gym aerobics machine (stair-climber, elliptical trainer, ski machine, etc.) for one minute at 90-100 percent of maximum, followed by two to three minutes of rest. Repeat 6-15 times.

Interval training is particularly effective on a running track. Stride the straightaways of the track (400-meter track at a high school or college) at 90 percent of maximum effort and walk the turns. Build up to 4-8 laps (one to two miles). If you really want to burn calories at a fast rate, build up to 6-8 400-meter intervals at 90 percent effort, with three to five minutes rest between intervals.


Weight Training (2 days per week)

Weight training is a central part of your cellulite management program. Do 1 set of 10-12 reps for 6-10 exercises. Use a weight heavy enough to push the muscles during each exercise. Weight train after doing aerobics and intervals to maximize 24-hour calorie use. Examples of effective cellulite-fighting exercises include:

Two-arm kettlebell swings

Kettlebell snatches

Glute-ham raises

Walking lunges with barbell

Step-ups on bench



One-leg squats on a Smith machine

Hip abductions on machine

Hip adductions on machine

Butt blaster machine

Muscle not only increases metabolic rate, it also pushes against the fat near the skin and makes the fat look smoother— improving the appearance of the fat. Cellulite occurs most frequently over the anterior, lateral, and posterior thighs, so you should emphasize exercises that work these areas. Exercising these muscles intensely builds muscle mass and increases muscle temperature, which burns calories at a faster rate for the rest of the day.

Can You Beat Cellulite?

A healthy lifestyle and new treatment techniques may help you reduce or eliminate cellulite. Be realistic. Unfortunately, cellulite is a typical female characteristic, and biology does not always follow fashion. Live a healthy lifestyle and work hard and you can minimize the problem.



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