Eat For Your Body Type

By Brandon Hahn Athletic Xtreme


Lose 25 pounds in 4 weeks! Get ripped in 6 weeks! Lose the weight, get your beachbody back! Those types of titles are endless. The diets are ridiculous. Why does one diet work for your friend and not you? Diets are geared towards specific body types. Understand your body type and you will shed the weight.


There are three main body types. These body types are ectomorph, mesomorph, and endomorph.


Ectomorph characteristics:

Tall and slim

Considered a hardgainer

Longer Arms & Legs

Fast Metabolism

Hard to put on muscle that shows

Constantly need to increase calories to gain weight

Best Example: Most male models


Mesomorph characteristics:

Athletic and fit

Defined muscles

Classic symmetry (wide shoulders, narrow waist, big legs)

Gains and loses weight easily

Typically faster metabolism

Best example: Most sprinters


Endomorph characteristics:

Average build with additional fat

Easily gains fat

Somewhat easily gains muscle

Mostly shorter and round, not always

Slow Metabolism

Best example: People that choose not to exercise


A lot of people do not fall within one body type. Most people will find they cross into two body types. Most people with two types end up as meso-endo or ecto-meso. Decide which characteristics fit your body. Figure out which type or types define your body.


There are plenty of different types of diets out there. Again, these diets focus on specific body types. Let’s look at the diets that fit each body type.




An ectomorph has a fast metabolism and has a hard time gaining weight. Ectomorphs should not have to diet. If a diet was necessary, restricting calories would be the best choice. They tend to burn through carbs. Reducing carbs would not be an ideal choice. Reduce calories in equal amounts from protein, fats, and carbs.




A mesomorph tends to lose fat fairly easy. A reduced calorie diet would be the best choice for a diet, similar to the ectomorph. Mesomorphs have a great deal of muscle compared to fat. So, it would be wise to keep protein slightly higher than fat and carbs. A typical bodybuilders maintenance diet would be the best choice (Note: High Protein, Moderate Carbs, Moderate-Low Fats).




An endomorph has a hard time losing weight. A diet that restricts carbs would be the best choice for endomorphs. Endomorphs tend to have some level of insulin resistance. Carbs are harder to digest. Blood sugar ends up being hard to control. Do not overdo on fats in this diet either. Cycling carbs would bode well for this type.




The ecto-meso cross tends to build muscle easier than a pure ecto. The fast metabolism allows ecto-meso types to eat a ton. A typical diet would focus on a reduced calorie diet. They would still want to keep protein slightly higher. Reducing calories with a focus on healthier foods would be the best choice.




Meso-endo seems to be the most common body type. Metabolism is average and diet needs to be spot on. Fat gain is expected. Focus on a restricted carbohydrate diet. A diet similar to the cyclic ketogenic diet or carb cycling diet would be a good option.


Be honest with yourself. This is the only way to get ahead. Think positive but be honest. Write down the foods you eat and how they make you feel. A detailed journal is the easiest way to make diet adjustments. Dieting is not difficult unless you make it difficult.



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