Do It Long Enough To See Results

By Carl Lenore Superhuman Radio


Everyone is coming out with a new workout or exercise program to capitalize on the New Year. New books to be sold. New variations of exercises. New takes on old routines. New cardio group classes. And by March many of these will be forgotten. Its the curse of the New Year’s Resolution.


Here’s an idea. Want something new? Try something old.. but actually stick with it this time. Brush off what you’ve tried before and get reacquainted with it. But this time just try sticking with it long enough to see the results. A year is not a long time. Look, a year has just passed and if you haven’t achieved your end-point goals from last year, what would have happened had you stuck with something? A year was still going to pass but you’d feel a lot better about yourself right now. Instead you’re probably making the same resolutions as last year and starting all over again from scratch.


Everything works when you work at it long enough. And here’s the bad news. Nothing works as fast as you want it to so stop chasing that notion. It just sets you up for disappointment. The basics work. They just take a little time.


The problem is most of us find one reason or another to jump from thing to thing. Or even worst, to quit entirely. That’s because we are too focused on the end result. To lose 30 pounds. To add 15 pounds of quality muscle. To hit a personal best in the squat. You name it. I’m not saying you shouldn’t have an end-point to your goal in focus. I am saying you have to make part of the goal sticking to it long enough. When you set a goal, say to get to 10% body fat, also make another goal: To follow my program every day. Because without that one, the first one has a far less chance of occurring.


When you sit down to a meal you don’t say to yourself “I want to see an empty plate” and just start eating. You look at the meal and first imagine the joy of the flavor and what the food is going to do for you. Then with each bite you savor the moment. And in fact, when the plate is empty.. you’re probably a little sad there isn’t more. Treat what ever you’re doing the same way. Each day you show up to the gym or get up early to do your fasted cardio, make THAT the goal. Then when you achieve your 10% body fat level you’ll actually be happy and a little sad at the same time because that particular journey has come to and end.


This is just one way of looking at things to help you see your goals through and stay motivated. There are many others as well. The bottom line is to find a way to postpone your anxious anticipation of the end-point and find ways to make the daily work as rewarding. Then you’ll be able to stay with something long enough to get to your end-point goal.


So this year try something really new. Do something.. anything.. but do it long enough to see the end-point results you deserve and desire!




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