Do I Need On Cycle Support For Your Prohormones?



We get this question a lot in our chat and email inbox. Many people want to know if they should take some sort of “on cycle” support for their prohormone cycles. The short answer is…it depends on what you are taking by whom? People often ask if SARMs need the same type of protection and it appears to be necessary for high doses of SARMs since they can have some of the same effects as steroids at higher doses required to build muscle.



On cycle therapy is done via a single supplement or a host of supplements which are meant to reduce the side effects of a prohormone cycle or even a steroid cycle. There are certain side effects that all hormones may cause if you take them and then there are some that are only specific to oral or injectable steroids. Typically prohormones are FAR more mild than steroids when it comes to these side effects but it can still happen where you need


Hair Loss – yes any prohormone or steroid can cause hair loss in people. Some, like the 19Nor products (deca and NorDHEA) may actually reduce the potential for hair loss but the vast majority of hormones whether legal or not.

Enlarged Prostate – in a similar pathway, hormones of any kind can cause the prostate to swell or hurt (typically during ejaculation).

Cardiovascular Issues – skewed cholesterol values and arterial damage can happen with any course of steroids or prohormones. Steroids are the worst and grey market prohormones come second with legal prohormones being a distant third.

Liver Stress – this one is exclusive to oral steroids and grey market prohormones. While injectable steroids and legal prohormones can possibly stress the liver, it’s very mild in comparison and not really much of a danger at all.



There are supplements that you can take that provide on cycle support for each particular issue or problem associated with being on cycle. They can be bought alone or in combination in a “Cycle Support” product.


Hair Loss – for hair loss, there are many options.

Rogaine – One, you can use something like Rogaine (R) to help initiate hair growth. Apply inthe morning and before bed.
Finasteride – is a prescription 5aReductase inhibitor that stops the conversion of hormones to DHT which can be used for testosterone and testosterone based prohormones. 5mg per day
Saw Palmetto – is a natural 5aReductase inhibitor that can help with hair loss. 200mg 3x per day


Enlarged prostate – the painful prostate can be annoying. It can happen when you piss or ejaculate. To counter this, you can use something like

Finasteride mentioned above. 20mg per day
Saw Palmetto can also reduce this effect. 200mg 3x Per Day
Stinging Nettle Root – this can also be great for prostate issues because it antagonizes DHT conversion. 500mg 3X per day


Cardiovascular issues – people can take things like Lipator or other statin drugs to control the altered cholesterol levels that can come from steroids and grey market prohormones. In this case there are more and better natural options for people who need to protect the heart.

CoQ10 is a very good supplement for people who are looking to keep their heart strong – 100mg per day
Policosinol – this helps keep cholesterol from getting out of control naturally – 10mg per day
Magnesium – this simple nutrient helps to reduce blood pressure and abnormal heart beats – 500mg per day
Fish Oil – 1000mg per day of EPA/DHA will give you thinner blood and reduce the chance of stroke. 3-6 Soft Gels per day.
Gamma Vitamin E – this isomer of vitamin E will give you thinner blood and protect the arteries. 200mg per day

Liver Stress – the liver is a very forgiving organ and most prohormones have little stress on the liver. Oral steroids are very liver toxic and injectable have slight liver stress. Still it’s a good idea to keep the liver strong because heavy lifting can also cause liver stress in general.

N-Acetyl-Cystine – this amino acid can stop liver damage by detoxifying the enzymes that spill over when the liver becomes stressed. 1200mg per day
Milk Thistle – this works in a similar manner to NAC above but can also help clear the liver ducts and remove toxins. 250mg 3X per day of Standardized Extract



No matter what kind of hormone cycle you use (injectable, oral steroid or legal prohormone) you can benefit from on cycle support. SARM users can also benefit from them since SARM’s can also have the same side effects as anabolic steroids. You can assemble these items yourself or find one of the various cycle support products on the market. Additionally, there are many other things you want to take on a cycle like joint support for one and even nutrient partitioning agents. The most important part of doing a cycle is proper diet and exercise. So, plan and get ready for the best gains of your life!



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