Can You Reverse Diabetes?


by Will Brink Brink Zone


Can You Reverse Diabetes? Yes!


It was not long ago doctors told people with type II diabetes it was not reversible. In recent years both studies and “real world” results have shown conclusively it can indeed be reversed.


It can’t be done by everyone who has been diagnosed with type II, as there are genetic influences, and other factors (such as length of time the person has had it and other factors) but make no mistake, for a large % of people with type II, it can be reversed or at the very least, GREATLY improved.


It does however take a serious commitment by the person and is not always an easy task to be sure. But, the rewards of course are worth it.


I recently took someone from 330+ lbs, who was recently diagnosed with type II,various infections and BPH. He was in very bad shape all around. He said he didn’t wanna die like that.


I believed him, and met him half way with the tools to change it.


Changes in diet, added exercise, added supplements, and serious commitment on his part, he’s down 50lbs, and his fasting blood glucose under 100, and his doctor gave him permission as of today to go off all insulin. I’m inspired by his commitment!


His life, 180 degree turned around. I gave him the tools to do it, and by God/Allah/Shiva, he used those tools and did it. Most will not sadly.


Today he’s a happy guy who’s gotten a real second chance, and unlike many who don’t know how to take yes for an answer, he took it, ran with it, and didn’t look back.


I plan to do a full write up on his story in the near future. Stay tuned…



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