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Can this exercises transform your chest?


When it comes to building an aesthetic upper body, the chest is a certainly a muscle group that should be given some strict attention. The chest, along with the abs and back, is the muscle group that stands out the most in the upper body. It’s what brings everything together and can make or break a man’s physique if it isn’t worked properly.


The bird chest is certainly a look that most bodybuilders want to avoid. Having a larger back, broad shoulders, shredded abs, and small chest just doesn’t look all that appealing. Your symmetry will look completely off if you can’t bring everything together in an even package. Since the chest is such an attention grabbing muscle group it’s only right that a great deal of effort is put into making your pecs standout as the highlight of your upper body.


In most cases barbell or dumbbell press along with some dumbbell flyes will do great for building broad and square pecs. But variety is always important to sculpting muscle and every once in awhile you should switch up your chest exercise to include an entirely new movement. In this case we’ve got an exercise that is sure to give you some great gains while at the same time adding a different mix to your chest day routine.


The landmine press is a great exercise that can work your upper chest a great deal. The movement can also prove to work your delts depending on which variation you use. Have no clue how it’s done? Well this video sums things up rather nicely, showing the correct form of this great exercise. Check it out.




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