Bigger Triceps In 30 Minutes




Say you hit traffic on the way to the gym and you’re left with only 30 minutes to get a full arm workout in. Instead of sitting in your car thinking about what to do, look no further than Andrew Sakhrani, C.S.C.S., who provided this perfect triceps workout that only takes a half-hour—and is probably better than the one you were doing anyway.


Directions: Perform all exercises for the prescribed sets and reps before moving onto the next. Rest 60 seconds between sets.


1. Barbell Skullcrusher, 4×12


2. Overhead Cable Tricep Extension, 4×12


3. Rope Pushdown, 4×12


4. Close-Grip Push-Up, 4xfailure


– See more at:….vnuSAHTK.dpuf

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