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“My delts have never been this sore.”


As a bodybuilder shaping the entire body is important to having a proportional physique. All too many times have bodybuilders focused on building up and impressive chest or a massive back or bulging biceps only to discover that their frame is completely uneven. If you’re looking to build a body like a physique competitor or even a heavyweight bodybuilder then that means symmetry will be key to making an aesthetic physique. You can’t possible rely on one body part or muscle group to make up for the limitations in other parts of the body.



When building the upper body a great deal of attention is focused on the back, the abs, and the chest. Depending on whether it’s a weak point or not, the shoulders can be given little to a great deal of consideration. It’s a certainly a muscle group that if built up well can make the upper body appear extremely impressive. No matter how you slice it, if your shoulders look to be in great condition, bulging with muscle, then your entire upper body is likely to appear extremely impressive.


The shoulders are a highlight of the upper body and help fill out your shirt, making it an obvious muscle group to focus on. If you haven’t been hitting your shoulders consistently, then now is the perfect time to begin shifting gears and start making them your priority. The shoulders or deltoids made up of three parts: the front delts, the rear delts, and the lateral delts. It’s that last one that’s going to make the most difference where your shoulder aesthetics are concerned. There are many different methods and exercises that are used to build up the front and rear delts, yet it seems like lateral raises are the only exercise that can build up the lateral region. But it seems like a fitness enthusiast has found the way to get the most out of your shoulders.


Alberto Nunez, an accomplish bodybuilder and acquaintance of Omar Isuf, has come up with a way to train the lateral delts for optimal growth. Check out the video below and absorb some of the great tips that Nunez has to offer.


Are you in agreement with Alberto Nunez’s approach? Let us know in the comments and forums.


Source: http://generationiron.com/a-new-way-to-build-mind-blowing-massive-shoulders/



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