5 Must Have Tips for a Bigger Bench

By GI Team Generation Iron


Want to push some heavy weight? Then take these tips under consideration.


If you’re a bodybuilder looking to pack on some major size and get a bigger chest then I’ve got news for you, you’re going to have to put up some heavier weight. Yeah, yeah, maybe it’s not news to you, but nevertheless you’re going to have to find a way to put up some bigger numbers if you want to break your personal bests and increase both your size and strength.


Now that doesn’t mean you should just rush to the gym and kill yourself with heavier and heavier weight. That’s only one step to the process of getting a bigger bench, but it’s not the only way for you to move some major weight. Instead, take some of these tips under consideration and you’ll be on your way to major gains in no time.

Strengthen Triceps

Many people think that the bench is all about the chest. It’s definitely the main target area of focus, but it’s not the only muscle group required to perform the movement with ease. Your arms are doing the work so naturally you’ll need to make your arms stronger if you want to push more weight. The triceps make up majority of the muscle in your arms and as such you should be building up the muscle strength and endurance in that area. Skull crushers and close grip bench press can work wonders for your triceps strength making pushing heavier weight a breeze.
Leg Drive

The bench isn’t all about the upper body. You can’t rely completely on your arms to do all the work. There’s definitely a time and place for that, but if you’re trying to push past your limits and reach a new 1 rep max, then you’re going to have to utilize every tool in your tool kit. There are some guys at the gym, mostly inexperienced beginners, who shuffle their feet around while performing their bench press. Plant your damn feet and use leg drive to bolster the rest of your body, from core to chest to arms, and push that weight up.
Back Strength

Considering that the bench press is an upper body exercise then you’ll want all parts of your torso in top condition. Your back needs to be just as impressive as your front in order to maintain balanced strength in your upper body. So besides your core, chest, and arms being strong, you better be sure to strengthen your back muscles as well in order to hit a higher bench. The best way to get some major back strength that will translate over to your bench is by doing some heavy barbell rows.
Avoid Maxing Out

The goal is to get a bigger bench, that’s true, but just because you want to push more weight it doesn’t mean you should be maxing out every time. Muscle endurance is just as important as strength when it comes to making vast improvements. So rather than hitting your one rep max over and over and over again, why not consider dropping some of the weight and pushing up some moderate to heavy weight that will allow for more reps, preferably 5-8 reps. This will improve your muscle endurance and keep you from faltering when you finally decide to go for your one rep max.
Increase Shoulder Strength

As mentioned before, if you want to put up more weight your upper body needs to be in order and that includes your shoulders as well. Much the same as your triceps, if your shoulder strength sucks then you’re going to have a hard time maintaining proper form and a hell of a lot harder time putting up considerable weight. You need to strengthen your shoulders in order to maintain stability during the lift and to keep your shoulders healthy.


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