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Add some variety to your workout with this awesome method.


Getting that added edge in training is what every bodybuilder seeks, professional or otherwise. When it comes to making consistent gains and improvements you can’t just rely on the same movements over and over again. If you hope to see some major and continuous development, sometimes you’re going to have to go outside your comfort zone and experiment with new ways of improving your muscle gain.


One such lifting aide is the inclusion of chains to your workout. Lifting with chains can give you an edge in your resistance training and add some new dimensions to your training. It’s a concept that’s tried and true, but how exactly can the addition of chains improve your training results? What steps should be taken to ensure those improvements? What are the effects that set it apart from other training methods. We’ve got you covered with this comprehensive list.

Prolonged time under tension

One way that lifting with chains can improve your training is by increasing the time your body is under tension when performing a lift. In order to grow using strength training and bodybuilding you’re going to have to not only increase your calorie consumption, but increase the amount of weight you lift as well. The increased tension from the chains with improve the your muscle endurance as well as your overall strength allowing you to gradually lift heavier and heavier weight over time.

Gradually Tension Increased

Many may ask what’s the difference between adding chains to a lift rather than just slapping on another plate on the barbell. Well, the inclusion of chains during a workout means a gradual increase of resistance. For most lifts the hardest part is the top third of the exercise. Simply put, the chains will effect your lift the most on the way up rather than on the descending end. It forces the user to push or pull harder at the apex of the lift. When the chains descend and hit the floor the added tension is released – only to be increased once more on the next attempt. This will specifically aide your strength improvements.

Works best with ascending strength exercises

Using chains in every exercise isn’t realistic. When it comes to adding the extra resistance to your training you’re going to have to pick and choose your exercises wisely. Chains can work great with ascending strength exercises. These exercises include the squat, deadlifts, bench, and military press, all of these being push exercises except for the deadlift.


Increased Explosiveness
Whether you’re a bodybuilder or a powerlifter, when it comes to lifting weight the goal is to become gradually stronger each time you get into the gym. A great deal of what aides your strength during a lift is explosive movement. The added resistance from working with chains can make all the difference in the world. Lifting continuously will require you to put more explosion in your lifts and will eventually add to your overall strength.


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