This is Why You Should Consume a Teaspoon of Turmeric Every day



Turmeric is considered as the Queen of all Spices in India for over 2500 years. At first it was used only as a dye, but over the time its healing powers slowly came to prominence.


Consuming just one teaspoon of turmeric daily is enough to greatly reduce the risk of inflammation, cancers, alleviate pain and remove toxins.


Its anti-inflammatory, antibacterial, and detoxifying powers have been known for quite a while, and recent studies have revealed that this wonder spice is very efficient in treating Alzheimer’s and cancer.


We offer you a list of 7 ways in which consuming turmeric can improve your health. Don’t waste a moment to add it in tour diet daily.


1. Fights inflammation

One of the most frequent causes of many modern diseases is chronic inflammation. The active component of turmeric is curcumin. It has been discovered that this compound has anti-inflammatory properties that are on the same level and even better than most of the anti-inflammatory drugs.


2. Protects your brain

The development of dementia and Alzheimer’s can sometimes result of lowered level of the growth hormone Brain-Derived Neurotrophic Factor (BDNF). According to recent studies, curcumin can have positively influence the production of BDNF and has the ability to prevent and even cure many brain diseases. It also delays the decline of brain function resulting from old age.


3. Reduces the risk of cancer

Curcumin is possibly the most powerful substance for fighting cancer. In addition to preventing the growth of cancerous cells it also inhibits the development and spreading of cancer. Some even say that turmeric can be the natural cure for this deadly disease.


4. Improves digestion

Daily consumption of turmeric helps in stimulation of the gallbladder, prevents bloating and gases and inhibits the inflammatory processes in your digestive system. However, you should be careful not to take it if you have a gallbladder disease, because it can worsen the matters by overstimulation of bile.


5. Protects your heart

Turmeric has a power to lower the bad cholesterol levels, prevents blood clotting and flushes the plaque layered in the arteries.


6. Alleviates symptoms of Arthritis

Although this property of turmeric is yet to be conclusively confirmed, there a number of reported improvements after consuming this spice. In any case, as it is efficient cure for chronic inflammation and reduces pain, it’s certainly helpful for people suffering from this condition.


7. Delays aging and prolongs your life

Having a property to fight free radicals and inflammation, turmeric plays an important role in delaying the aging process. Additionally, having in mind that it improves the heart function and kills cancer, which are notoriously famous as the two biggest killers of the modern life, turmeric also prolongs your life.


The listed benefits are just a portion of what turmeric is able to do for your health. That is why you should consider including it in your diet. Use 1 teaspoon to spice your juices, smoothies, soups, etc.


You should be aware that turmeric is not easily absorbed by our body, but there are number of ways to increase the absorption by adding black pepper, for instance, in order to get the most of turmeric’s health benefits.





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