(Recommended in a Series of 6 Treatments)


Diamond Microderm Abrasion (Clinical)     $95

A unique resurfacing procedure, safe to use on most skin types. Diminishes fine lines, wrinkles, scars, hyper-pigmentation, melasma & age spots, and reduces pore size. No down time. Includes cleansing, microderm treatment, moisturizer & sunblock.


Ultrasonic Microderm Abrasion (Clinical)     $100

Exfoliate your skin painlessly using ultrasonic technology. Diminish fine lines, age spots, acne scaring and kill bacteria associated with acne. Safe for all skin types. Uses heat, not vacuum, to stimulate production of collagen & elastin.


The Timeless Peel     $275

An aggressive medium depth peel targeting aging, pigmentation and photo-damage, acne and scaring from acne.  Generates immense activity in the skin, restoring growth of healthy, young skin cells, increases cell turnover and removes layers of dead skin.  Remarkable Results! (Requires specific product usage prior to peel.)  *5 day downtime*


Lactic Acid Peel     $70

A wonderful 40% alpha hydroxy acid peel used to rapidly exfoliate the surface skin without irritation. A great resurfacing peel for even the most sensitive clients. Brightens the skin, helps to address pigmented skin and promotes hydration. 


Acne Clarifying Pumpkin Peel     $70

Harness the power of multiple acids combined with pumpkin enzymes to effectively exfoliate the skin and penetrate pores to clear the skin and help to fight bacteria that causes acne. Fantastic peel for aging skin as well.


Vitamin C Peel     $70

Exfoliates and brightens the skin using a combination of microderm abrasion crystals, vitamin C and lactic Acid. Great for aging, dull or pigmented skin.


Sensitive Skin Blueberry Peel     $70

Exfoliates even the most sensitive skin using a combination of acids combined with calming ingredients to minimize the irritation that can be associated with some peels.

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