Hydrating Hand Mask    $20

Lip Exfoliation                   $10     

Lip Mask                               $10                                                           

Eye Mask                              $10                                                                 


Hyaluronic Acid  Infusion Treatment   $20 ~ Binding over 1,000 times its weight in water, this treatment is ideal for boosting and maintaining hydration in the skin.

Vital C Infusion Treatment   $20 ~ A powerful antioxidant treatment combined with soothing, repairing, regenerating, brightening, toning and nourishing extracts make this a much-needed treatment for all skin types.  This powerful treatment can be easily incorporated into any facial service.                    

Ultrasound Therapy    $50 ~ Speed up treatment results by penetrating products 10x deeper than with traditional topical application.   Helps to diminish age spots and dark circles under the eyes, produces bactericidal effects in the skin to help prevent breakouts, helps reduce redness associated with acne as well as stimulating new healthy cell growth, and collagen & elastin production.  This is a fabulous addition to any facial treatment.



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