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Xtreme Large (Workout Only) is a workout plan aimed at all out MASS gains. 

XLRGWO is designed for clients who already have a mass style nutritional plan underway but lack a cutting edge mass building workout.  This workout plan is aimed at rapid mass gains and can be run with any nutritional plan however results will most likely not be nearly as Xtreme as when coupled with the XLRG Meal Plan.  (An XFAT Meal Plan can be added to XFATWO at any time for a reduced fee).

The XLRG workout is designed for maximum mass gains and will have you performing low reps with heavy weights.  The heavier you lift the more mass you will gain.  You will be required to train a minimum of four days per week with five days being optimal.  Each workout will be last approximately one hour.  Please advise of your overall fitness goal when completing your questionnaire.

(You are purchasing one workout plan.  Please confirm you have read and agree to the FAQ and the Disclaimer.)

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