Working Inner Pectorals

By Jim Stoppani, Ph.D Flex


SYMPTOMS It’s a good idea to finish your chest workouts with 
machine flyes for your inner pecs. If your gym lacks a machine,
 hit your inner pecs with cable flyes.


Rx Lie flat on a bench placed in the middle of a cable crossover 
station; hold D-handles (attached in the bottom position) with
your arms extended out to your sides. Using your chest, bring the handles together while maintaining a slight bend on your elbows. Squeeze your pecs. For more emphasis on the inner pecs, cross your arms in the top position.


Note from Anabolic Minds Editor – here’s another piece of widely believed fiction. Your inner vs outer pecs are not able to be worked separately as that is not the way the muscle fibers are arranged. If your pectoral muscles are attached to bone/tendon at the inside edge and outside edge, anything you do is going to cause strain (and growth) between those connection points, there isn’t a way to force either end to grow more. The total tension will remain the same between the inside and outside regardless of how you work them.




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