Top 5 Ways to Force Your Muscles into Growth


By GI Team Generation Iron


This is how you can push your muscle to grow even more.


Are you stuck in a bodybuilding rut? Unable to push past that latest wall and grow to the next level of huge? We’ve all hit plateaus at one point or another. The important thing is to not let this discourage you from your ultimate mission: to keep building muscle and sculpt that perfect physique.


Here are the top 5 ways that you can start forcing your muscles to the next plane of massive. Hopefully these techniques will help you get unstuck and back onto the road of gains.


1. Increase Resistance

Let’s start off with an easy one – hell, the most obvious one: add more weight. You should always be striving to lift more weight incrementally as you continue to hit up the gym. Does this mean you should be loading tons of weight on every new day? Of course not. Be smart and think micro progression. Small incremental additions every week will build up to a large increase in resistance – thus larger gains in the long run.


2. Change Your Movements

As bodybuilders, hypertrophy is one of our main goals. In order to continue to push this – we must consistently change the exercises that we perform. This helps prevent plateaus and “tricks” your muscles into growing more.


Let’s take squats for example. Start thinking variations to mix up your leg routine. Olympic pause squats, safety squats, and front squats can all be used to mix up your movements and push you into increased gains.


3. Increase Volume

Let’s forget about changing up the weight for a second. The other way to force muscle growth is through increasing the amount of sets and reps. Does this mean you can completely ignore adding weight? Of course not. Light weight at high volume doesn’t have a real effect when it comes to building muscle. You need to pump up the sets with heavy weight to see real results.

Know your limits, don’t increase your volume but lose all that intensity. Then you’re not gaining anything. It’s easy to start doing 4 sets instead of 3 only to have the last one be half-assed.


4. Rest Less Between Sets

Now that we have volume down – let’s talk about resting. If you start shortening your rest periods between sets – you’re packing on more volume in a shorter amount of time. This puts more stress on your muscles during a workout and helps pump up those gains.


5. Increase Range of Motion

Are you lifting at your full range of motion? Are you lifting even more and doing extended range-of-motion? If not, you might be missing out on some extra growth. The more you increase the range of motion in an exercise the harder that exercise is to perform.

If you want the most success at this, it’s key to gradually increase the range of motion over a series of workouts. Slowly build up your motions over the period of a week, then a month, and you’ll start getting even more out of every rep you perform.

These techniques are essential to building up to a pro-like physique. While they may seem basic – they cannot be overlooked. What do you think?




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