Tip: Use Time Blocks Instead of Sets



A new way to plan your workouts that will break you out of a rut and keep you focused. Check it out.


Workouts are generally designed based on a specified number of sets. What if instead you blocked off a certain number of minutes for each training priority within a workout and simply performed as many sets as you could manage (with appropriate weight and reps) during that timeframe?


The exact workout blueprint will depend on your goals, but for the average lifter looking to gain strength, size, and stamina, the following framework would be a general, well-rounded routine:


Training Priority Time
A General Warm-up/Mobility 10 minutes
B Strength/Power 15 minutes
C Hypertrophy (size-focused work) 15 minutes
D Conditioning 10 minutes
E Cooldown 5 minutes


That’s a total of 55 minutes start to finish, as long as you’re honest with the time-keeping. Now, even if it you take a super-slow 5 minutes to transition from block to block, that’s still only 75 minutes. How does that compare with your last few gym visits?


Throw some core work into any of the above blocks and you’ve got the blueprint of an adaptable, comprehensive, and compact program.


Source: https://www.t-nation.com/training/tip-use-time-blocks-instead-of-sets

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