Some people will do anything to get a little extra help with their bodybuilding endeavors.


Bodybuilding is all about training hard and dieting in a manor in which muscle gains will be your ultimate reward. Professional bodybuilders are the best at building a tremendous amount of muscle while at the same time losing fat, a feat that most normal human beings could never achieve. So many fans and amateurs are constantly wondering how gaining all that muscle is even possible without using some kind of anabolic substance.


Steroids have been a hot button topic in bodybuilding ever since the Golden Era of the sport. Bodybuilders like Arnold Schwarzenegger have admitted to steroid use in the past, saying that they used the substance to recover, but never in extreme amounts, at least back then. These days it seems like bodybuilders are taking a greater amount of steroids than the bodybuilders of the old school.

Steroids have been such a controversial topic in the sport, many of the present day professional refuse to even talk about the subject and with good reason. The implications are major particularly when you consider the fact that if certain athletes were taking the substance it would have to come from somewhere. Which brings to light another question.


Where exactly are steroids born?

When you consider the fact that steroids are supplied to a tremendous amount of athletes both novice and professional alike. Now it looks like we’re being given an inside look into how this controversial anabolic substance is created and by the looks of things it looks like an episode straight out of Breaking Bad.


What’s your opinions on steroids?


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