The right range. The best gains.


If you want to start an argument between fitness experts – talk about the “perfect” rep range. You’ll get anywhere from a hundred reps to one. Okay, so we might be over exaggerating but there’s no question that everyone has their own idea in mind when they talk about the “right” amount of reps you should be doing. Well we’re going to open up that argument once again… and we’ll also finish it.


First we’re going to make cases for each, high rep ranges (15 reps or more), medium rep ranges (5-15 reps), and low rep ranges (1-5 reps). Then we’ll weigh in with the definitive answer on the ideal rep range for building mass.


Low rep ranges (1-5)
This rep range is primarily for strength. While it will definitely add mass to your frame as well as cutting fat, there’s one missing piece to this puzzle – Time under tension (TUT). It has repeatedly been shown that TUT is necessary for optimal muscle fiber growth. With a less than 30-60 second rep range, you might find yourself coming up short on muscle gains.


High rep range (15 reps or more)
A high rep range is best for endurance. Commonly associated with fat loss and toning, more and more evidence is starting to show that builders can lose just as much fat with medium to high reps depending on the intensity of the exercise. This range is best for skill specific exercises. For example if you’re working on your baseball swing, or practicing your throwing arm – this not optimal for muscle building however.


Medium rep range (6-15 rep range)
Not too soft and not too tight. This is an old eastern philosophy adage that could pay dividends on your muscle gains. The medium rep range proves to win all across the board, being associated with fat loss and the most Muscle mass. This range combines time under tension with the 75% of one rep weight needed to stimulate muscle fibers. This rep range also shreds fat without losing muscle.


While the medium rep range has been declared the mass building king, we recommended combining all rep ranges for the most complete physique. High rep ranges after a medium set can provide a serious pump and low rep ranges can add strength to your massive gains. Whatever body type you’re looking for, the results are in, train accordingly.



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