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Cool off, bro.


You’ve heard the term before. Bro Science. It’s been taken in various different ways based on its interpretation. Some view the term as an endearing, a terminology that shows the knowledge of experience through countless hours in the gym, to years of dedication, and the willingness to pass on that acquired knowledge to other lifters and bodybuilders.


More often than not though, the term is used with far less positivity. Bro Science has become synonymous with ignorance apparently, man people believing clinical science to be a superior form of information rather than listening to the “mindless ramblings” of experienced lifters. But there’s a question in there that should be asked. Why are we so quick to discredit bro science in support of real science? Here are some reason to consider some bro science advice.

Experience is golden

One thing that we never truly understood was how people could take the advice of a random sports science expert that’s completely out of shape over an experienced lifter with some great gains. When it comes to bodybuilding experience is paramount and discredit a lifter whose clearly made some great visible gains is pretty foolish. We’re not saying that everything bodybuilding bros say should be taken as gospel, but it couldn’t hurt to take some of their advice under consideration before writing it off.

Results speak for themselves

Speaking of experience, sometimes taking a visual cues can do you some good. If Phil Heath comes up to you and tries to help you with your form and meal planning are your really going to dismiss what he says? Sometimes the proof is in the pudding. If an experienced lifter gives you some safe, clear, and practical advice on making improvements, our advice is to try your hand before passing judgment.

Different strokes
Ultimately, bro science isn’t something that you can find in a textbook. Trial and error is likely to dominate your bodybuilding training, particularly in the beginning. When it comes to shaping your body it’s up to you to try out different methods until you find the one that works best for you. Bro science may not be the end all be all, but the point is that it stems from experimenting with how specific exercise methods and food choices can shape your body. The only way you’re going to learn what works through experience.




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