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Cut MassTestosterone boosters are one of the most popular categories in sports nutrition because everyone tends to look and feel better with more testosterone in their system. Whether it’s lifting more weights or performing better in the bedroom or just having that “alpha” feeling all day, testosterone is key to looking and feeling your best. The issue is that many supplements claim to boost testosterone but in fact don’t do anything to help increase your natural testosterone levels.



It’s better to tell you first what for sure doesn’t work to boost testosterone because then you can avoid the pitfalls of buying things that you now know are a waste of money. There are lots of scam supplements on the market that try and promise more testosterone and yet have been shown over and over to do nothing for testosterone levels.

ZMA – this popular supplement has never been shown to boost testosterone in normal males. Some early studies showed an increase in over trained football players, but that is probably due to mineral loss due to sweating. Normal men don’t benefit from ZMA supplements on their testosterone levels.
Tribulis – tribulus can help with sex drive but study after study has shown that Tribulus does nothing to boost testosterone levels.
Arginine AKG – many supplements that use high profile stars claim that AAKG boosts testosterone when in fact it does not. Arginine is good for you but as for boosting testosterone you can forget it.
Avena Sativa – this oat extract does not boost testosterone production. It may free some up but it will do nothing to boost your natural levels.
D-Aspartic Acid ** – this is the WRONG FORM of this nutrient to boost testosterone. You must use the Sodium D-Aspartate form to boost testosterone.

Don’t waste you money on these ingredients for boosting testosterone. All you will get is an empty wallet!



Luckily, there are some great supplements that boost testosterone. These are shown in the scientific literature to boost testosterone in males and show enough of an increase to be effective in changing mood and intensity in the gym.

D-Aspartate – the active form of D-Aspartic Acid and is very good at boosting testosterone. Don’t use it for more than 4 weeks straight. Use either the sodium d-aspartate or calcium d-aspartate forms to get the best results.
Ginger Root – a cheap and easy way to boost testosterone is to take ginger root. This herb has data to support it boosting testosterone and stacks well with other boosters.
Bulbine Natalensis – this herbal ingredient is great for boosting testosterone and has scientific data to prove it. Studies shown that you can get up to a 40% increase in testosterone by taking a Bulbine supplement.
Fenugreek – this herbal has been shown to boost testosterone in adult males and can be added to other herbal ingredients to increase the effectiveness.
Arimistane (3,5-androstadiene-7,17-dione) – this steroidal aromatase inhibitor reduces estrogen and increases testosterone. That makes it one of the best ways to boost testosterone in adult males!
4-Androstenolone (4-DHEA, 3b-Hydroxy-androst-4-ene-17-one) – this is two atoms away from Testosterone and converts into the body into 4-AD and then into testosterone. Unlike the rest of the items mentioned here, this is a prohormone that will give you higher than natural testosterone levels and will give you enough testosterone to actually build muscle.

Any one of these items will work to raise testosterone levels but only prohormones will get you enough of a boost to build muscle mass! Just be over 21 and happy lifting!


Source: http://mindandmuscle.net/articles/testosterone-boosters-that-work/



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