Stretching Your Fitness Dollar

By James De Medeiros Men’s Fitness


Are you trying to find ways to make your dollar stretch a little further? You’re not alone. Unfortunately, that seems to be the economic reality of our time, but that’s no excuse to skip certain essentials. And, what could be more essential than staying fit and keeping yourself healthy? Rest easy, we’ve come up with seven surefire ways to ensure your fitness-related bills won’t be putting any unnecessary burden on your wallet.


Foot Work


Are you visiting the gas station enough to be on a first-name basis with the cashier? Are you tired of the bumper-to-bumper traffic and searching for a parking space? Some switch to public transportation, but often that leads to another problem: Being crammed into a confined area with a few people who seemingly haven’t bathed in a week. Fortunately, there’s still one more option to explore: Using your feet. Bike, jog, or walk to work and you won’t have any of these costly worries, but you will be reaping the rewards of quality cardio time. And, as an added bonus, it’s free!


Buying in Bulk


Let’s face it: there are some things you know you’re always going to need, so buy smart. Read the circulars for the latest sales. Whether it’s buying oatmeal in larger quantities, larger cans of water-packed tuna, or choosing the sale priced family value pack of extra lean ground beef and storing it in the freezer, usually the greater the size, the more the savings. Just don’t go so far as to mimic Cosmo Kramer and have such a great overabundance that you’re feeding pets your excess foods.


Water Works


If you’re serious about your health, your go-to drink is water. Some people prefer bottled water, while others like filtered water. If you’re on a budget, however, depending on where you live, your best bet is likely tap water. It’s much cheaper than either of the alternatives, and in most areas the quality of water *****s the other options. Research the quality of the tap water in your area. By simply omitting the cost of bottled or filtered water, you may find you’re saving as much as $100 per month.


Free Video Streaming


Remember that late night DVD infomercial that promised to have all the answers to your fitness questions? Don’t be an impulse buyer. Use Google and remember to click on the link dedicated to videos. If the video’s popular enough, someone is bound to have put up a longer clip on YouTube or Dailymotion and those precious few more moments could mean the difference between a $20 must buy or must miss. Bonus: After you’ve seen that video, there’ll be other video links on that same site that may be even more insightful.


More Options, Lesser Price


Don’t be a slave to the newsstand. Sure, the newsstand is great when you’re at an airport and trying to find a way to keep yourself entertained with the latest issue of your favorite magazine, but why be at their mercy when it comes to price and issue selection? Get a subscription and save as much as 70% off the Men’s Fitness cover price. It’s simple math. Would you rather pay $15 and get three issues, or pay $15 and get an entire year’s worth of issues in either digital or print formats?


Do It Yourself


Regardless of the season, if you’re a homeowner, there’s always some type of yard or maintenance work to be done. You may not have a lot of time, or you may not actually enjoy it, but instead of paying someone to rake your leaves, shovel your snow, mow your lawn, or plant an apple tree, the savings and accompanying cardio workout make it all worthwhile. Chances are the money you save on just one transaction will cover your monthly gym fees and the calories you’ll burn will ***** an average workout.


Social Media


Are you still refusing to sign up for Twitter and Facebook? If so, 1997 called and they’re asking for you. Seriously, it seems almost everyone is now on these social media platforms and that includes some of the world’s finest personal trainers. They offer great information, videos, and tips to help you reach your goals and all you have to do is sign up for free. While you’re at it, don’t forget to like Men’s Fitness on Facebook and follow us on Twitter




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