It’s a given fact that water is crucial for the survival of both our planet and our bodies. In fact more than two thirds of our bodies are made of water. So, skipping all the biology lessons that you probably all know, in this article we’ll reveal in what way water helps you stay vascular during the day taking your fitness to a whole new level.


Flushing Out the Toxins
One of the basic tasks of water is cleansing the toxins from our bodies, and in this respect there is no supplement that can do this job better. No matter how hard we try toxins are almost impossible to avoid. They are present in the food we consume, the air we breathe, in the cosmetics we use. That is why it’s crucial to learn how to flush them out of our bodies. Water is very efficient in cleansing the ketones and nitrogen from our systems, providing you muscles with improved supply of protein.

Improves your bowel movement
Water is one of the key factors for maintaining a healthy digestion. When you don’t consume enough water during the day to support your bodily functions, your body will try to get this water from the other organs. One of those organs is the colon. Lack of water in your digestive system can lead to great many problems, such as constipation, and it also hits the whole digestive system. Healthy digestion is crucial for regular and efficient transport of nutrients to your muscles providing for their growth. That being said, regular bowel movement also helps you in flushing the toxins from your system.


How much water do we need?
According an alarming study of the Institute of American Medicine conducted in 2013 up to 75% of the American population has symptoms of dehydration. This should not be taken lightly, as even a mild dehydration can lead to great many problems such as headaches, fatigue and cramps. When the dehydration is more severe, it can trigger dizziness, shock, and loss of consciousness. So, if you want to make sure that you take enough water daily you should aim for consuming half of your body weight in ounces every day. In other words, if you weigh 200lb, you should consume at least 100 ounces of water. However, keep in mind that not all beverages resupply your water, some of them (coffee, tea, beer, soda) drain even more from your system.


Don’t Fear Water Weight
Some people are prepared to avoid water for fear of water weight. While true that water can up the figures on your scale, this weight is not permanent. In fact, water can help you in melting down the water weight.


When your diet is too rich in sodium it can cause greater than necessary water retention in your body. Flushing out sodium can help you reduce the weight. Also, keep an eye on what you eat, because salt can be found in many of the modern products.


Improve Fat Metabolism
Water is also highly efficient in metabolizing the body fat. Kidneys are one of the most important organs in burning the body fat. Combined with the liver they create a true strike force against stored fat, constantly metabolizing it to provide our body with energy. When you deny the kidneys of the required water, they cannot perform their function with full capacity, which results in processing less fat. The increased body fat, and the water weight that can be caused by not consuming enough water, can greatly damage your physique.


There you have it. Water is not only a life saver, but also a constant aid to your health. If you have, by any chance, neglected the water intake so far, it’s time to make a change. Make sure that you always have water close by your hand. You don’t need to take it by the liters in one go after a workout, a few sips at a time can greatly help your system.





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