Rubus Coreanus Boosts Growth Hormone And More


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There’s a burgeoning wine industry in Korea. It doesn’t use grapes but the fruit of Rubus coreanus, the equivalent of the western raspberry. Extracts of the waste products from this process boost the growth of chickens, researchers at Chonbuk National University discovered. The extracts cause an explosive rise in the concentrations of testosterone, growth hormone and melatonin.


Rubus coreanus contains a number of compounds that Ethnopharmacologists are very interested in. These include quercetin and cyanidin-3-rutoside and ellagitannin, but also nigaichigoside F1 [structural formula 1, in the figure below] and nigaichigoside F2, coreanoside F1 [formula 2] and suavissimoside [3].



In a 2008 animal study extracts of Rubus coreanus increased the concentration of testosterone in mice by more than a factor seven. So it’s hardly surprising that Rubus coreanus is also found in bodybuilding supplements. It was an ingredient in Anabolic Optimal Dose, the PWO product of Muscle Asylum Project, and in Muscle Tech’s NO booster IntraVol. How much Rubus coreanus these products contained is not known.


In 2009 Korean researchers discovered that chicks grow faster if they are given extracts of Rubus coreanus. [Korean Journal for Food Science of Animal Resources. 2009 Apr. 29(2):168-77.] That’s why the researchers at Chonbuk National University wondered whether they would be able to use dried waste products form the wine industry as a growth enhancer additive for chicken feed. The waste product consisted partly of seeds.


The researchers gave a group of chicken feed containing 0, 0.25, 0.5 and 1 percent Rubus coreanus for a period of 10 weeks. The higher the dose the more the chickens ate and the faster they grew.



Unfortunately the researchers didn’t measure the chickens’ changes in body composition. They did measure the concentration of a number of anabolic hormones, such as growth hormone, IGF-1 and testosterone, in the chickens’ blood. The hormonal effects of Rubus coreanus were quite simply spectacular. In the group that were given the highest dose of Rubus coreanus the testosterone level rose by a factor eleven.




In this same group the concentration of melatonin and growth hormone both rose by a factor 3, and that of IGF-1 by a factor 0.4.


We want to know more about this…



Asian Journal of Animal and Veterinary Advances. 2012 7(10):970-9.



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