Practice These 2 Secrets For Transformation Success!



by Ben Booker Six Pack Abs

It is moving into the winter months now and everyone is back in the routine of work. This is usually the time people begin to start revaluating their fitness plan and schedules. I see it here at my gym, Second Chance Fitness in Arhtur IL. Summer is over and families are back into an all out routine. So naturally fitness routine and schedcule can break the monotony of the going to work, going home, and repeat model of life. But how do we stick to it this time? What works for all of those “fit” people we see day in and day out? I pulled out the top 2 reasons that “fit” people stay fit while others continue to yo-yo through there fitness routines.


#1 Accountability

You must have a good support system that remains accountable. I recall a middle aged mother of 2 that every January would show up and begin her New Year’s Resolution. She had a plan and she would go full throttle every year. She would come into the gym hop on the treadmill and get after it. Every day by herself she would get on for an hour and run her heart out. It started as 5 days a week. Then went to 4, down to 3 until she stopped coming altogether. Now I witnessed her work ethic and it was phenomenal. The drive was there, at least in the beginning. Anyone that saw her new she was on a mission. But what happened, why did she quit? She didn’t have any accountability! She was on her own. Without accountability we fall back into our old way of thinking and get stuck on the up and down yo-yo that so many fall victim to.


Here is how you battle that. You find a good friend, a group fitness class or program that has others supporting you. It isn’t just about the style of workout that yields results. It is also about having someone or a team right beside you supporting you along the way. When you start to fall off track they are there to get you back on. When you have a success they can celebrate with you! All of these factors are important. You must have someone that knows who you are, what you are about, and where you want to go!


#2 Education

You must be willing to learn if you want to succeed. I am learning something new almost daily! Now I am not talking abut an Exercise Science Degree from a University. I am talking about learning as you go. So many people just want to show up and be told what to do. They come in with the mentality of get me in and get me out. This is the mentality of someone who will continue to struggle with fitness. I try to train people physically, mentally, emotionally and spiritually. So next time you start a program try to understand the “why” behind each move. Start to understand a little bit more about nutrition and the effects it has on the body.


Think about it like this. Since cigarettes were made people began to smoke as a pleasure and past time. Look at television programs from the 60’s and 70’s. People smoked on the talk shows! Airplanes were allowing people to smoke on them! It was literally ok to smoke in hospitals. Everyone did it. But then people began dying sooner. Lung Cancer began to be associated with not only smoking, but second hand smoke. The more people began to research and get educated, the less people began to smoke, which equals saving lives and a healthier society where people live longer.


You may think that is a far cry from fitness, but it is not. Sugar and inactivity is literally killing people. And just like smoking, people are beginning to be more aware of what prevents these diseases that cause early death and linking longer life to fitness. So even beginning with a little knowledge in fitness and nutrition can be huge in long lasting success. When you begin to understand the “why”, you can begin to develop a healthy lifestyle that yields long lasting change.


This is why Briana and I have developed the 66 Day Six Pack Abs program available for download at Get a friend and do it together. Dive into the extensive nutrition plan. Start to study the moves on all of the exercise videos to become an expert on all the moves. I promise you will not regret it. Start learning, get an accountability partner, and get fit for a healthy life! Just keep moving forward!





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