Improve Your Conditioning With Tabata Squat Jumps



Tabata training involves alternating 20 seconds of intense aerobic activity with 10 seconds of brief rest for four minutes. You might think four minutes is a short time to get an adequate workout, but with the right activity it can be exhausting.


Jump Squats require you to lower yourself into a squat position and explode back up, jumping as high as you can. One or two of these might not feel like much, but doing them repeatedly for 20 seconds will wear you out quickly.


Tabata + Jump Squats = Tabata Jump Squats and an intense cardio workout that will develop your legs and improve your conditioning. All athletes can appreciate that. If you’re an athlete who can benefit from a great vertical jump, you should give this workout a try, because you could add an inch or two to your vert, which can be the difference between snagging a critical rebound or coming up short.


The Workout
At the end of your leg training, stand as if you were going to perform a Barbell Squat. Make sure you can watch a clock or have a stopwatch close by. Squat as low as you can and stay in that position for a second. Using as much force as you can generate from your legs, push yourself back up and jump as high as you can. Quickly place your feet where they were before your jump and repeat. Continue for 20 seconds. Take 10 seconds to catch your breath. Repeat this pattern for four minutes. By the time this workout ends, you might have performed as many as 40 Jump Squats.


An Extra Challenge
If you want to make this workout more difficult, add resistance by either wearing a weight vest or holding dumbbells in each hand and making sure they touch the floor when you squat before each jump.





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