How to Build a DIY Speed Sled



By Roger Lockridge

Speed sleds are great for helping athletes train to get faster and stronger. If you want all the benefits of a speed sled but have a tight budget, go the Do-It-Yourself route and make your own sled. This is simple and very inexpensive.


What You’ll Need

  • An old tire
  • 2 eye bolts
  • 10-12 feet of rope that can handle at least a 100-pound load
  • 2 boards 2 inches shorter than the length of the tire
  • A utility link
  • A weightlifting belt



  1. Screw the two eye bolts into the tire around 6 inches apart. If you can’t screw them in on your own, use a drill to make two small holes before inserting the bolts.
  2. Feed one end of the rope through both holes of the eye bolts. Pull the rope so you have both ends in your hands and tie them together in the tightest knot possible. Tug on it so you know it won’t come loose.
  3. Stretch the rope as far as you can and clip it to your utility link.
  4. Place the boards inside the tire side by side. Pull on the tire so you know the boards won’t come out. The platform make by the boards will be where you place weights if you need more resistance than the tire provides on its own. (If you have a larger tire, you might need three boards.)
  5. Put on your weightlifting belt so it is loose around your waist. Clip your utility link to the belt buckle. You are now connected to the sled.
  6. Turn your belt so the buckle and link are in the middle of your low back.
  7. Walk forward and stretch the rope until you feel resistance. Test your DIY sled by sprinting 40 yards. If the rope doesn’t come apart and the bolts don’t come out of the tire, you’re ready to go with your new speed sled.




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