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The Mountain grows taller.


If there’s absolutely one thing bodybuilders understand, it’s how to build massive and quality muscle. It’s the whole reason behind the name of the endeavor after all. Building muscle is a full time job and it requires a great deal of dedication and grit. The same could be said for strongman competitions. Though many bodybuilders may look on these individuals and see men who don’t have the most shredded of physiques, the power and strength these competitors possess is truly mind blowing and can impress even the most skeptical onlooker.


Strongman competitions consist of events that require an athlete to use their functional strength as a means of proving their overall abilities. Whether it’s lifting a car or a stone ball, each event is designed not so much as to break the competitor physically. It’s been said time and again that the most important muscle to stretch and build is the undoubtedly the mind. If you have weak mind you’ll definitely crack under the pressure. A strong mind folds under no task no matter how big or small or difficult to accomplish. The mind and the will are the strongest attributes of any serious competitor for any athletic endeavor.



The strong will and physical strength needed to be a champion strongman is certainly two elements that Hafthor Bjornsson possesses. The Icelandic strongman has been better known as the man who played “The Mountain” Gregor Clegane in the hit HBO series Game of Thrones. The six foot, nine inch tall Bjornsson is one of the strongest individuals to ever walk the Earth and as he matures is slowly gaining more and more momentum. Not too long ago, the strongman broke the world record for the stone carry, proving that as time passes he’s only getting stronger. Matthew Vincent, a fellow strongman competitor, was able to capture the feat on camera. Take a look.


Do you think Hafthor Bjornsson will one day claim the title of world’s strongest man? Let us know what you think in the comments and forums.


Source: http://generationiron.com/hafthor-bjornsson-breaks-world-record-for-stone-carry/



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