Gaining Muscle & Losing Fat Simultaneously?



by Will Brink Brinkzone

“I want to gain muscle and lose fat Will” is a common statement I hear or get the “how do I gain muscle and lose fat?” question, and sellers of supplements and designers of magical programs and diets are all to happy to feed into those wishes as if it was easy to do with their particular program or supplement.


Can you gain muscle and lose fat simultaneously? I answer that Q in this vid. If interested in my general approach to gaining strength and muscle mass, see the BBR program.



The Essentials:

Basic facts #1: Losing bodyfat requires you to be in a sustained caloric deficit,


Basic fact #2: Gaining muscle mass requires you to be in a sustained caloric surplus.


One can’t serve two masters, nor defy basic physiology and laws of thermodynamics.


One can train for a power lifting meet and an ultra marathon at the same time, but they won’t be terribly successful at either for a reason…


Pick a specific goal, eat and train for it, vs attempting multiple goals that may be opposed to each other giving sub par results.


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