Enjoying Life With IIFYM

By Brandon Hahn Athletic Xtreme

The dieting world is very finicky. It’s very similar to politics in that so much discussion happens you tend to just tune out. It seems everyone has their own best interests in mind. Neither party wants to listen to one another to speak logic. All it takes is the mere mention of a poptart to spark insanity. It’s insane to think that one could stay lean by eating a poptart. You can’t, can you?

IIFYM Defined
It’s amazing that this has turned into such a revolution in the food industry. The definition of IIFYM, If It Fits Your Macros, seems to vary from person to person. Some make assumptions that the day is filled with complete crap. Why? Probably because of instagram pics. People are posting up all of these amazing looking meals that are loaded with “junk”. There’s NO WAY that these people are getting shredded following IIFYM. That’s because only one side of the coin is actually seen. It’s no trick, it’s not a one sided coin. Look at someone like Alberto Nunez, the guy is shredded AND he is an advocate of IIFYM.

How is this possible?
So, poptarts can be on the menu along with other foods. The problem is when the morning begins with a nice breakfast of, you guessed it, poptarts. Then, lunch is a bowl of cheerios and a peanut butter and jelly sandwich (with a protein shake). Your midday snack is another protein shake, but this time with some ice cream. It’s dinner time and this is when it all becomes reality and you disappear from Instagram to hide in your dark hole known as the “bro-cave”. Dinner is veggies and a chicken breast. A few hours later it’s most likely some cottage cheese (and a little more peanut butter if you are lucky). Again, all you are seeing are fatty burgers, poptart sandwiches, and everything that is evil in the food world. What you don’t see is the rest of the day. The concept is simple, you need to have a macronutrient layout for the day. This layout has a specific amount of each macro. You need to FIT different foods into those macro totals. You essentially have 3 main figures that you have to hit and cannot go over within the day.

But, Science.
We all come from the same place in the fitness industry. We want to cut out the crap and lead a “clean” and healthy lifestyle. No more drive-thru’s, no more processed foods, and no more delicious pizza (I mean evil pizza). The goal is to be fit, healthy, and again “clean”. The concept of clean eating is a different topic altogether. However, the focus remains on being healthy. It’s a great ride for awhile. Let’s move away from “we” a little bit and move back to “you”.
You decide that this healthy lifestyle is epic. You feel better because you know you are living the fit and healthy lifestyle of your dreams. Going to parties and bringing your own cooler because you are that serious. It makes for a great story. Your friends tempt you with some chicken wings, but you pull out the tupperware. You aren’t going to break. All of that hard work goes out the tube with a mere bite of that delicious morsel known as the chicken wing. See how ridiculous this sounds?

It all comes down to this, what do you want to do in life? Do you simply want the recognition from your peers that you are the most hardcore fit individual on this planet? That’s generally the case with people of the “bro” mindset. You NEED people to know that you are more hardcore than the other guy. NEVER a cheat meal because you want to leave nothing up to chance in your quest to shredded. Well, again we arrive back at someone like Alberto, and Layne Norton, and Jeff Alberts, and Matt Ogus, and the list goes on. Relax bro, have a chicken wing and gain back some perspective on life. If eating “clean” all the time is what you WANT to do, then do it. Just don’t be angry at others when they aren’t as hardcore as you. As a reminder, it was YOUR mission to be the most hardcore, so if that is what truly makes you happy, you’ve arrived.
I’m going to have a chicken wing, poptart, ice cream sandwich, with peanut butter on top right now. Dinner will suck but It Fits MY Macros!

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