Elliott Hulse knows a thing or two about building muscle as well burning stubborn fat.


As a bodybuilder your number one priority is always going to come down to one particular goal: building muscle. Of course it is or why else would you be heading to gym and lifting all that heavy ass weight. You can’t expect to look like the Hulk by doing cardio. That’s just a recipe for disaster that will likely have you appearing more like the elastic Mr. Fanatastic than the barbarian you’re striving to look like. So of course that means coming up with a training program, creating a split that will encompass building up every one of the major body parts that you have in order to have a balanced and symmetrical physique.


But even if you’re consistently building quality muscle, improving your strength and making great gains, it doesn’t always mean you’re going to appear shredded. All those gains that you’ve made may look more like bloat than it does lean and shredded muscle. This is where having your diet on point comes into play.


If you’re going on a then of course that means increasing your calories, getting enough protein, carbs, and fats into your diet plan. You want to be sure that your macronutrition is up to par and that it allows you to put on quality muscle. However, your bulking phase won’t last forever and eventually you’re going to want to do some body re-composition in order to show off all that muscle you’ve worked hard to put on. That means you’re going to want to cut the calories and switch up the kinds of foods you’re consuming.


That’s where Elliott Hulse comes into play. The YouTube fitness personality has offered many lifters a ton of advice over the years and imparted some really helpful and brilliant knowledge to many of his fans and individuals to improve both their strength and physiques. Leave it to Elliott to have just the kind of diet plan you’d need to jump start your metabolism and allow you to get a more lean frame. Take a look and listen.



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