Don’t Believe These Top 4 Bodybuilding Food Myths

By GI Team Generation Iron


Not everything you’ve heard is true.


When you’re a bodybuilder food choice is paramount. It can make or break your gains depending on what you choose. Sure, you could go the route of eating nothing but protein. Protein means muscle building after all doesn’t it. Just get some steak and tuna and chicken in your system. That’s all you’ll ever need right? Wrong. Well contrary to popular belief protein isn’t the only thing you need in your diet.


People like to pretend that after hearing a few things about nutrition that they’re experts, but really, they’re just falling victim to popular food myths without hearing the facts. It makes us wonder: what other food myths are people falling for?

Myth 1: Low-Fat Foods = Healthy
This one is perhaps the most misunderstood myth of them all. People think that if you take fat out of your diet that you’re going to see major fat loss when in reality this is far from the truth. Fat is a nutrient that is important to your gains for a couple of reasons. One, it helps you to absorb certain minerals you derive from different foods and supplements. Fat is also key to testosterone production which is going to boost your gains tremendously. Many processed foods that are branded low-fat can be filled with refined carbohydrates and sugars which can be pretty harmful when consumed in large amounts. Don’t cut fat out your diet and think you’re going to look like an Adonis, it’s just not going to happen. Get some omega-3s or some hardboiled eggs into your diet to get some healthy fats into diet.


Myth 2: Meat is the Only Source For Protein

Like we said before, steak and chicken aren’t the end all be all for your diet needs. It’s not only important to follow a macronutrient plan, but to understand that you aren’t limited simply by meat intake. There are other ways to meet your protein goals. Some vegetables provide more protein than you’d think and Greek yogurt is another alternative with a high amount of protein. It doesn’t mean you have to throw away the chicken, but if you’re on the go and need something quick and easy, some yogurt isn’t a bad option to turn to.


Myth 3: Fruits and Vegetables Are Created Equal

Contrary to popular belief, vegetables and fruits aren’t the same. For one, fruits are higher in calories than most vegetables and contain sugar derived from fructose which does less for your muscles and has a far greater affect on your liver. From a fat loss perspective vegetables are going to be your friend simply because of the nutrients it provides coupled with the low caloric value. Doesn’t mean you shouldn’t eat them, but it’s definitely something to consider next time you’re looking to load up on fruits rather than vegetables.


Myth 4: Carbs Are Evil!

Sure, that may be true if all you’re eating are processed foods filled with refined carbs and sugars then choosing to sit on your ass all day. In reality carbohydrates are one of the keys to fueling your body during a workout. You need food that will keep your engines reving throughout your training and the best way to get that is through a balanced diet of fats, proteins, AND carbs. Carbs fuel your mind and your body and allow you to push past your limits in the gym. The wrong carbs, coupled with a lazy attitude, can be your number one enemy. But if you’re an athlete looking to make consistent gains then you’re going to want to keep some of those carbs in your program.


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