Chest Training, Best Type of Cardio, Fasting & More

By Flex Staff

I noticed that Flex Lewis and your other athletes have all managed to make vast improvements to their pectoral development. How do you constantly achieve this?

The key is Y3T, which incorporates new rep ranges that many athletes miss out on. Secondly, most of my athletes will do presses 90% of the time on an incline bench to improve their upper chests. I have yet to see anyone with a strong upper chest and lagging lower pecs. Also, Flex took more rest days this year than in past years and I’m certain this had a positive effect in allowing him to recover between workouts.

What is your opinion on carb back-loading?

It can obviously work, however, I like keeping my clients on as many carbohydrates as they can handle. I’ve gotten better results this way and feel it is a more balanced way of living.

What is your opinion on high-intensity interval cardio vs. steady-state cardio?

It depends on the individual, his personal goals, time frame, and current body composition. If the individual is very heavy, sprint intervals might not be ideal for obvious reasons (joint stress). Also, if a person is doing an intense leg workout each week, then sprinting is going to be very difficult for him and may increase the chances of injury.

My quality of sleep is really poor. Can you help me, please?

For general health and progress with your physique, you need sleep! Try supplementing with magnesium before bed and don’t have caffeine after four in the afternoon. Caffeine has a half-life of six hours so it can still remain in your system until 10 p.m. when you want to be zoning out. This will also help decrease the secretion of stress hormones (namely cortisol).

What are your thoughts about intermittent fasting?

For fat loss it can work with some body types (endomorphs), but I am not a fan. For muscle gains, forget it!

What are your thoughts on prohormones? I am 19 years old and have read that they can perform miracles.

First of all, I don’t like prohormones because I think they have the potential to do a lot of damage. Secondly, at your age all you need to worry about is eating properly, taking the basic supplements, and training your ass off, Y3T style! Really, I recommend you steer clear of them.



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