6 Ways To Stick To Your Workouts

by Ben Booker Six Pack Abs

Tie Exercise Directly To Your Health
Schedule an appointment with your doctor for a physical or simply ask them next time you are at an appointment to evaluate your health. Sometimes it takes a push from a trusted professional to get our butts in gear. Set a goal of lowering your LDL cholesterol by 20 points and increasing your HDL by 5 points. Then schedule a checkup in a month. Your next visit will only require you to go to the lab and they can call you with your results. Sometimes it takes an eye opening reality check about our health to get us to set that goal.

Shop around for the best training partner
Find someone that will not only commit to working out with you, but will also hold you accountable. This might involve you leaving behind your current partner. We all know the friend that trains more than we do, and they are good at it. Talk to them and see if you could jump in as a partner. Sometimes a very close friend isn’t the best option because they can allow you to slack off too easily. Find a partner that is serious enough to not let you back off the throttle once you get up to speed. Try to commit to 2 months with them.

Enter a Competition Before You Are Ready
“The start is what stops most people.” If we wait until we are ready to begin, we will never start. Find a sport, event, or competition to compete in, sign up, and begin training for it. It brings a whole new meaning to every workout. With so many events to choose from, I am sure there is an event that strikes a chord with you. A 5k, marathon, Tough Mudder, Spartan Race, Triathlon, Physique competition, basketball tournament, and American Ninja Warrior are just a few. Don’t just get in shape because summer is coming, find an event first, then sign up and begin training with a purpose.

Enter into an agreement with your family
Have a real talk with your significant other or family stressing the importance of having one hour a day all to yourself to train. During this time there is nothing required of you at home. No chores, no dinner plans or to-do lists. And you return the favor to your family member. This may take some initial planning that doesn’t always work out perfect the first time you schedule it. Try to work together and meet both parties needs. Bottom line is when you give time to yourself, all areas of your life improve, including relationships. Soon everybody will understand the benefits fitness provides and your life will change for the better.

Plan your workouts in advance
At the beginning of each month plan your workout schedule on a calendar, put it on the fridge and cross them off as you complete them. You might begin with a total of 16—20 workouts for the month. If you miss any, add them on to the next month and commit to getting them complete. Put strategies in place that allow for make up times. Weather related misses and unforeseen meetings are when you implement plan B and C. Studies show that you are close to 50% more likely to commit and follow a workout plan if you implement these back up strategies.

Do what you enjoy, not what you hate
I hate running, so I do it as little as possible but I love weight training. Find out something you enjoy and stick to it. If you start to hate it, then switch it up. Do you hate the treadmill? Then jump rope. Can’t stand the gym? Then find an in-home workout program. If you continue to do what you dislike, you will stop showing up at some point. Experiment for a few weeks and then commit to a workout routine you can enjoy.

Source: http://sixpackabs.com/6-ways-to-stick-to-your-workouts/


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