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Old wives tales.


In our modern world information is at the ready. With apps that can tell you everything from your daily marcos to the next time your train leaves for the gym – a smartphone is now what an almanac was 100 years ago. So it seems almost impossible that some the information floating out there is not up to date and current. Unfortunately, this the double edged sword of the internet. Wrong information can be shared and repeated with ease. So it’s no surprise that there’s still some incorrect “common knowledge” out there that people refer to time and time again that no longer hold weight.


After the bulking period comes the dieting phase. This is when we start to slim down and particularly focus on what we want to look like for a show. Because competition is so stiff in some professional shows the difference between winning and losing is a matter of inches. Every little bit helps, and this causes bodybuilders to hold on to old wives tales out of anxiety and stress. Don’t be that builder. We’re here to debunk some of those ideas for you, particularly in the area of fat loss.


Myth #1: High reps and low weights produce fat loss
The mindset behind this myth comes from the idea that as you start to hone in on your diet you will automatically lose strength. Not necessarily so. Modern day dieting is less about starvation and more about nutrient rich foods which should allow you to lift heavy up until showtime.


We recommend keep your strength routine throughout your training period as muscle helps to burn fat. With proper nutrition, you should shed the extra fat without sacrificing strength. This is what today’s bodybuilders do as most keep heavy Olympic-style lifting up until stage time. Stop thinking high reps and low weight… and start thinking of Ronnie Coleman’s 455 lb bent rows four weeks out of Mr. Olympia.


Myth #2: Intense Cardio will steal muscle from your legs
This mindset usually comes from the first week of preparing from a show. Things look different, you’re staring to lose water weight and sodium, your pumps aren’t as impressive, and you don’t hold glycogen as well. This is normal – you can keep your size and strength with diet and cardio as long you do it correctly.


“You gotta keep’em separated” eloquently uttered by Andre of hit show “The League”, keeping your cardio SEPARATED is the key to keep gains while doing intense cardio. Split your cardio up into two sessions, A.M., and P.M.. Start off doing 30 minutes of cardio in both sessions and progress by 15 minutes until you hit 1 hr in both sessions. You don’t have to hit 1 hr but the point is not to do all your cardio at once. Supplemented with correct nutrition and rest and you’ll be shredded, separated, and huge by calling time.


Myth #3 Drinking cold water will cause more calorie loss
No. Just no. Contrary to popular belief, and the cover of most supermarket magazines, the temperature of your water doesn’t make a difference when it comes to fat loss. Though drinking 6-12 glasses of water a day is good for you, it will not make a significant difference in your fat loss.


This myth usually comes with some crazy statistic, 8 glasses burn 70 calories or something like that. While drinking water eliminates the calories you would consume from drinking other liquids in its place, don’t use this false reassurance as a substitute for diet and hard work.


Myth #4 Negative calorie foods help you lose fat
This one actually gets more people than you would think. The logic behind this one is that “negative calorie” foods are so low in calories that it actually takes more work for your body to consume them than the calories it actually ingests; so by default you have now lost calories, you’re welcome.


The truth is that there is no scientific proof that supports this. By this logic if I had to consume, watermelon, grapefruit, and chicken breast (all on the list) for the rest of my life I would starve to death….Exactly.


Myth #5 The faster the move the better
An exercise that increases you metabolic rate doesn’t have to leave you out of breath. Resistance training is a great way to increase your metabolic rate and get you shredded. The metabolic boost from a full-body weightlifting session can last up to 72 hrs.


Try the hip and hinge row. It works every muscle in your body – in particular your hips and shoulders – which are the most metabolically active tissue you have.


Are you still using these myths in your training program? Hit us up with other myths as well as solutions for losing fat for a big show!


Source: http://generationiron.com/5-fat-loss-myths-you-need-to-stop-believing-today/



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