No pain – Tremendous gain.


There’s training smart, then there’s training hard. Though not mutually exclusive it seems most builders don’t have the time for both. They take the hard and fast “more equals more” approach or take play it too safe and don’t maximize their full potential.


When training triceps you want to go heavy. but heavy doesn’t mean insane, and heavy doesn’t mean insane. If you alter your approach ever so slightly you can pack on the maximum amount of effort with the least amount of injury.


The tricep muscle is responsible for a large part of your arm mass. With Three heads and the key ingredient to improving your overall press, this muscle group should not be put at the end of your workout or considered an afterthought. Here are 3 exercises that put your triceps front and center without trading your gains for joint pains.


Close Grip Barbell Bench
The close grip barbell bench is one of the best exercises for your tri’s and your joints. Pull your elbows in until your middle finger hits the line that separates the smooth part of the bar from the bumpy. This will distribute the weight more towards your triceps.


Dips with Chains
This is a great exercise for adding mass to your tri’s, problem is it’s tough on your shoulders. So what’s the solution? Use chains. Having chains around your waist is a great way to supplement this exercise because at your weakest point, on the downward movement, most of the chains are on the ground while at your strongest point, upward movement, chains lifted off of the the ground.


Crush Grip Bench Press
The crush grip bench press is one of those well known secrets that few people utilize. The beauty of this exercise is that not only does it target your triceps and keep your joints fully protected but it also focusing on that hard to reach inner chest, chiseling that elusive inner line.


Try these 3 exercises and tell us if your triceps explode. If you like them we’ll post up 3 more!


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Source: http://generationiron.com/3-joint-friendly-moves-for-bigger-triceps/

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