14 Things every Bodybuilder Struggles with in Life



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Bodybuilding is a game of discipline, self-awareness and sacrifices. People who body build forgo many of the luxuries in life that normal people can afford to indulge in with little sacrifice. Being a bodybuilder is a lifestyle that requires Mental, Emotional and oh, Physical strength in order to succeed.


Most people deal with normal everyday issues in a subconscious manner, with little or no thought to the outcomes. Some of these decisions include waking up whenever they want too, rolling out of bed and pouring yourself a large bowl of Coco Pebbles or Honey Bunches of Oats, then making your way over to the couch and relaxing for several hours playing videos games or watching your favorite t.v. shows.


Unfortunately for Bodybuilders, these luxuries cannot be affordable when living the Bodybuilder Lifestyle.


Bodybuilders have daily struggles like everyone else, but our struggles come in different forms, shapes and sizes. For most, these may not mean much, but for the typical Gym Rat, Fitness Freak, Power Lifting, Bodybuilder or Whatever you want to call yourself, these should resonate in your everyday struggle to get Big and Swole.


1. Cheating on Your Cut Day.

The guilt of eating the “normal” food that the rest of the human population consumes on a daily basis, and pretty much eating everything in sight. We all know that feeling and many of us have fallen into that trap and given in on a Cut.


2. Fitting into your Clothes

Being a Bodybuilder and all, attaining Swoleness, Mass and sheer muscle is a way of life. Thus, fitting into clothing that is going to restrict movement and mobility is something you deal with daily. No one likes to see a dude with some tight khakis, let alone someone who rips their shirts every time they scratch their back or try to comb their hair. Which brings us to our next point.


3. Having to Buy new clothes

Finding clothes that are proportionate to your mass is something that takes time and patience. After all, having biceps that are 18″ in diameter is no small feat to accomplish, natty or not. On a side note, I wonder how all the Synthol freaks get their clothing over their elongated muscles every time they get dressed?


4. Body Dysmorphia

Yes, the issue every single bodybuilder deals with, the never ending hunger to be bigger than you are. This struggle is real and every bro who sits their, staring at themselves for endless minutes in the mirror knows and has this issue. The constant turmoil your body gives you is your motivation to get bigger and out muscle the mirror and your bro’s. This is a physical, mental and spiritual all bodybuilders need to overcome and deal with on a daily basis.


5. Calorie and Macro Shaming

Nothing kills the momentum than a friend, family member or even GF/Wife pointing out your Calorie/Macro counting. Your putting in the hard work in order to get the body you deserve and the last thing you want to deal with is people telling shaming you Calorie/Macro intakes. Its hard enough to eat whats right, along with the correct amounts and at the correct times throughout day, geesh.


6. Always being hungry on a Cut.

Hunger pains are the Name of the Game. This is a major hill to climb for many bodybuilders when looking to cut in order to get lean and clean and ready for a show or the Summer. Hallucinations are common amongst bro’s who cut, to the point where dreaming about devouring a Full-stack of Pancakes with melted butter and warm syrup dripping down the sides is something you deal with when you wake up. These are Real Bodybuilder problems we cant deny.


7. Being Shamed on a Cut

On top of the Hunger pains and the Calorie/Macro counting shaming, there’s the “Cut Shame”. Where your closest loved ones, including your Parents are worried that your losing to much weight to fast. This is one of the reasons your avoid grandma’s house when on your cut, because saying no to your Grandma doesn’t bode well with her or your parents.


8. My small penis looking even smaller in Comparison

You know your getting big when you start to realize your Penis is getting smaller every time you look in the mirror. Your body is growing, swoling and defining faster than ever before and your now dealing with the Ego killer that is known as the Disproportionate Body-to-Penis Syndrome. Every part of your body is growing proportionally and symmetrically to its other half, other than your Penis. Lucky for you, your physique makes up for this problem.


9. Taking compliments the Right way

Getting compliments like these are Tough to interpret: “I could never wear those compression leggings like you do. I have far too much of a stomach. It must be nice to be so young.” – As if they’re discrediting your hard-work for your Age. And this one: “I wish I had the willpower to stay on track like you.” Sure buddy, its called discipline and hard work and not being a lazy ass, but thanks for the compliment?


10. Schedule and Prepping your Day around Gym and Eating

Setting and maintaining a tight schedule that revolves around Going to the Gym, not missing a Meal, and the most dreaded of all, Prepping your meals for the next day, week or two-weeks. Every Bro learns to Cook when they start bodybuilding. Unless they have a GF or Wife who is AWESOME enough to do it for you, Your on your own Bro’s. This has got to be, by far, the worst part of Bodybuilding – Prepping. There goes your social life!


11. Missing your Favorite Foods.

When bulking season stops and its time to start Your Cut, missing out on some of your favorite foods is everyone’s nightmare. Bodybuilders exert much discipline in order to get in the best shape of their lives every year, and cutting out their Favorite foods is something we deal with for long periods of time. Talk about Selflessness.


12. Scratching your Back and Making your Hair

Combing your Hair, scratching your back or even face palming has become a duty for Bodybuilders, in specifically right after a torturous Arm workout. Have a Back scratch? better find a corner wall or someone to give it whirl, because its not going to happen with those Biceps at that size!


13. Eating 10-15 Meals a Day during your Bulk

On the flip side of bodybuilding, there’s always the Bulk. The time in a Bodybuilders life when eating every 2 hours certain types of foods becomes a chore. Of course, without eating so much and so often will sacrifice your gains, but nevertheless, this is a Problem that you don’t mind dealing with, although its rather annoying at times.


14. Protein Farts

Taking your supplements on a Daily basis can cause some rather un-welcomed side affects. Protein Farts is one of them. Just Steer clear of us when they come running.

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